Colors Gate Company

Was founded in 1999. We can offer our customers production of simple printed matters as business cards or headed paper, and also the most complicated catalogues, hardback books, annual reports and profiles. Our biggest advantage is compact technology under one roof from design and print to final processing. Thus we achieve significant economy in time and, especially for customers, considerable competitive prices.

Printing House Ltd.



Graphic Design


Printing and Copying





Company’s goal and promise is to make our clients more successful in their lines of business. All of our actions are motivated by our desire to support our customers in their objectives, help them to improve their companies, and to arm them for global competition through advertising,

As Vann Sophea Printing House we are so proud that we reached a highest goal in a very short Period, and we earned a great reputation among our clients for our decency, trust, and transparency in communicating with our clients, regardless to our high standards qualities that nominate us to be one of the best advertising agencies in the whole area.
But our ambition to present the best to our customers and to be in the lead; is our motive to be more creative, up to date, and that’s what keeps our working spirit alive.