For an outstanding final product, the last step, but not the least, consists of finishing it. Finishing your business cards, media kits, promotional pamphlets, brochures, and many other products, should not be neglected, as this will directly impact your return on investment. The Vann Sophea Printing House can advise you on the finishing that is appropriate and suitable to your needs.

Take a moment to look at the range of choices for your document finishing.

Types of Finishes and Varnishes

Uniform Tabs

European Tabs, Tab Index Cutting

·         Cheaper and easier to handle than indexes;

·         2 to 31 uniform tabs;

·         Tabs of varying lengths;

·         Suitable for all sizes up to 320 mm;

·         From 35 to 40 sheets of 110M offset.

European Tabs, Thumb Cutting

·         Cheaper and easier to handle than indexes;

·         Thumbs evenly distributed along the entire length of the printed document;

·         Thumbs positioned according to your needs;

·         Notch thickness of up to 32 mm;

·         Works on a document up to 320 mm in length;

·         Thumb depth adjustable up to 11 mm;

·         Possibility of three cutting dies.

Hot Stamping

·         Great feature to attract attention to your document, because of its luster and contrast with the paper.


·         Add relief to your print products.


·         Give depth to your print products.


·         Gloss or matte with a smooth finish or various textured finishes (linen, canvas , leather);

·         Excellent protection for your documents.


·         Give personality to your document.

Round Corners


Book Jackets

Shrink Wrap


·         For all types of print products.

Reinforcing Endpaper

Smyth Sewing


Press Varnish

·         Gloss or matte.

UV Varnish

·         Gloss or matte;

·         All-over or spot.

Water Base Varnish

·         Gloss, satin or matte.

Soft Touch

·         Velvet finish (matte).

Types of Bindings

Plastikoil Binding (Plastic Spiral)

·         Durable and flexible;

·         Wide range of colors;

·         Document lays flat or opens a full 360 degrees;

·         Great for daily planners, directories, manuals, cookbooks, etc.

Wire-O Metal Binding

·         Document opens 360 degrees;

·         Its rings secure pages, very durable;

·         Ideal for fine calendars and directories;

·         Wide range of colors.

Cerlox Binding

·         Wide range of colors.

Nylon-Coated Metal Binding

·         Wide range of colors.

VeloB ind Binding

·         Binds up to 3" thick X 14" long;

·         Composed of plastic strips fused to each other;

·         Resistant to wear and fraudulent alterations;

·         Wide range of colors.

Thermal Binding

·         Economical method using glue;

·         Excellent value for money;

·         Possibility of sewing between sections of your document for added strength;

·         Hot glue or PUR glue.

Case Binding

·         Hardcover (50 to 120 points);

·         Distinctive appearance;

·         Recognized durability;

·         Possibility of textured canvas;

·         Square or round back;

·         Many options offered: headband matching your document, cloth bookmark application, optional printed endpaper, jacket, etc.

Two Saddle Stiches (2)

·         Double parallel stiches.

Eyelet Binding

·         6 to 8 mm.